The Project operates a Drop-in-Centre which provides a safe place for children who are working and living on the streets of Kumasi. They get a secure place to rest, relax and play. They can also join the informal education, such as literacy class and value talk, in which significant topics are discussed with the children. Furthermore, they get advice and counselling, and assistance to leave the street. 

On average, there are 35 children in the centre daily. From the Drop-in-Centre the children are prepared to leave the street and reintegrate with their families and communities. 


The Project staff carry out street work on daily basis during which they meet with children on the street and carry out street education on various value topics and issues relating to the welfare of children. During interaction with the children on the street, children are invited to the Drop-in-Centre to participate in the on-going activities in the centre.


Street Children Project
Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi