our activities

The Street Children Project is comprises three centres:


Everyday from monday to Wednesday, field workers go for street work. This is sceduled from 9am- 11am. Some of the areas they carry out their duties include; Alabah, Asafo, Adum, Railways, Pampaso, Kejetia and Bantama. After street work, a value talk follows (11am-12pm) to be able to have ample time for clients who were invited to the center. Some of the topics discussed during value talk include; the dangers of street life, the benefits of education, sex education, healthy living and the like. These topics are also used for street corner education. On Thursdays specifically in the morning, field workers follow up on their clients. Clean up is done every friday as well as report writing. Lunch break is at 12pm-1pm and it is followed by interactions and interviews. Activities for the day are crowned by playing games with clients present at the center. The center closes by 3pm.


Street Children Project
Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi